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Stoughton Tornado - Video

Video clips are big and my bandwidth is limited, so please only click on the "Quick Download" links if you want to view a video clip online. Please RIGHT-CLICK and select SAVE AS to save a local copy of the "Big Download" video clips so you aren't pulling them from my server each time you want to watch them. Feel free to contact me if you have a video you would like to share with the world.

A storm chaser named Scott Weberpal has also compiled a number of high-quality local videos and is selling a DVD compilation for $15 from his web site: http://www.tornadofx.com/stoughton.htm More than 60% of the purchase price of each video he sells goes to the Stoughton Area Tornado Relief Fund.

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This video was shot by Colin McDermott, a resident of Castle Condominiums, as the tornado swirled into Pleasant Springs. The cameraman is looking north from Castle Condominiums, a development located at the corner of Jackson St. and Hwy. 51 on Stoughton's extreme west side. The camera is pointed due north in this clip and the tornado is about two miles away. (Windows Media Video, 2.9 MB, 15 sec)

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UPDATE: October 2 - After a two-week hiatus, all the videos are now back online. Steve Staden (http://www.stadix.net) generously offered some of his hosted bandwidth and I have taken him up on it.

Please remember to RIGHT-CLICK and "Save As..." each video to add it to your permanent collection - I won't be amused if you decide to pull down the same video five times (and I may even ban your IP).

This video was shot by someone known as "Big E" (Real name? Not sure.). In a posting on isthmus.com, Big E wrote, "... taken in my backyard on Rutland Dunn Rd halfway between Oregon and North Stoughton, looking to the North. We saw it form, and grabbed the camera. We watched it for quite a few minutes travelling along the line of trees about 3/4 of a mile away, and it changed colors many times, presumably when it would touchdown in different places. And yes, you could hear a low sound like a freight train. There was a second one that wanted to form on the trailing edge of the storm as well. I've never seen clouds go in so many different directions at one time. I'm glad someone got a pic of the amazing clouds afterwards. From the purest white to dark orange. Very strange. My feelings really go out to the family of the man who died in his basement when his house fell in on him. I know that I personally was lucky that day, but to take precautions, and still be a casualty is hard to take in." (MPEG, 6.6 MB, 18 sec)
This video was shot by Jeff Ackerman. His house was destroyed by the tornado. (AVI, 11.2 MB, 76 sec)
This video was shot by Chad Wixom from Crown Point Resort, which is on the southwest part of Lake Kegonsa (near Barber's). There's background commentary; the part about "going right though downtown Stoughton" was thankfully not accurate. (Windows Media Video, 9.6 MB, 73 sec)
This is the infamous "THERE'S A WHOLE F***ING HOUSE" video posted to the Stoughton Boy Scouts web site shortly after the tornado narrowly missed the cameraman's house. (MPEG, 26.4 MB, 154 sec)

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