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Stoughton Tornado - Letters - Colby Smith's FEMA Lesson

The following letter was printed in the Stoughton Courier Hub on October 6, 2005.

FEMA lesson: it's better to rely on handouts that to act responsibly

According to a news report filed by Jason Allen of WBAY TC in Green Bay:

"FEMA says right on its web site, 'The most common reasons for denial letters are because you have insurance to cover the loss.'"

So let me understand this correctly. (Sorry if this isn't quite politically correct!) If you decide for whatever reason not to insure, then you are more entitled to a government handout than those that try to act responsibly in the first place? Or, more bluntly put, you are more apt to get a federal handout by depending on others to take care of you?

Nobody is asking for a windfall handout here (Page 1 story, Courier Hub, Sept. 29). But rather for a little return on tax investments! The townships hit hardest by the tornadoes in Wisconsin on Aug. 18 were mostly prepared (willing and able) and responded rather quickly to this horrific event.

While those in Washington and Louisiana are still pointing fingers and placing blame with the Katrina Disaster, those in Wisconsin had the public utilities and roadways back up and operating within days. Unfortunately, that quick and dedicated response was not without financial cost. Cost that will far unrun and insurance proceeds! Nobody in Wisconsin is asking FEMA for any more than what is fair and reasonable.

Unfortunately, the lesson here is, it's better to be uninsured, than insured!

- Colby Springs, Pleasant Springs

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