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Stoughton Tornado - Contact

If you have photos, video, stories, someone to thank, corrections, questions or or anything else related to the Stoughton tornado of August 18, 2005, please contact me.

If you want to send me something really big, please give me a heads up first; I have another web site you can use to upload files so no one's email account gets overwhelmed.

  • Email: T.B.A. (recently switched home ISPs)
  • Phone: 920-390-2061 (Watertown)

If you need assistance, including monetary assistance, please contact the Stoughton Area Tornado Long-Term Recovery Resource Coordinator at resourcecoordinator@tds.net or (608)205-9898 as soon as possible. The Resource Coordinator is charged with getting the resources donated through the Stoughton Area Long Term Recovery Board and other community sources to the people who need them.

"www.StoughtonTornado.org" is owned by Jonathan G. Lampe This not-for-profit web site hosts a scrapbook covering the August 18, 2005 Stoughton area tornado. The photo of the tornado in the header was taken by Jerry Currie and is used with his permission. Copyright is claimed only to protect my right to publish my own (rather sparse) original content; you are free to make copies of my original content. Archived and attributed content (e.g., images and articles) may be subject to individual copyrights. Sources, attribution and original publisher are listed to the best of my ability. This site is not an official publication nor am I officially connected to the Stoughton Area Tornado Relief Fund or the Long Term Recovery Board , although I consider myself a "booster".